Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Plan for 2018 Granby Tree Lighting Community Service

by  Marcy Wheatley
November 13, 2018

Set up at 4:30 PM on the right side of Hwy 40 at new Chamber and Visitor's Center 
(east across the street from Mtn Family Center and just before curve/bridge over the railroad).  
The building will probably be open and has public restrooms as well.

Starts at 5 PM

Dress warmly and with layers

All families:
        Make 2 dozen cookies for the Granby tree lighting
If you won't be volunteering at the tree lighting, 
then make arrangements for someone to take the cookies for you.
(The club will also be providing 150 cookies from Starla.)

Servers at the tree lighting:
        Petefish Family
        Sego/Tony Krempin
        Chavoustie Family

        Cathlyn:  hot water, trash cans, trash bags -- 
Speak with Paige if you need help with more water; 
she said we could use electricity (you would need to provide the extension cord if needed.

        Chavoustie:  2 tables, Russian tea mix  -- speak with Cathlyn if she needs help with hot water

        Krempin:  2 tablecloths, Christmas trays/plates for serving cookies

        Mathis:  tubs for leftover cookies, hot cocoa, packing tape

        Wheatley:  club banner, spoons, cups, napkins

Paige asked if 3 teenagers/adults could help people get in and out of the horse carriage.  
Also, Chavousties may need to leave for a little bit for the mayor's family to ride in the carriage as well.  

The event is supposed to last until 7 PM.  The volunteers can decide you want to pack up before that.

Thank you for all your help and service!  

Please let me know if you have questions.