Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Recap of September 2015 Meeting

by Marcy Monnahan

* Fall field trip to Peachfork Orchards
    --It was asked if we would like to go on a Friday towards the end of October to get apples and tour the orchard. I spoke with Tish and she said that Phil had told her when he delivered the pears that the apples may be ready before the end of October.  Tish will let us know when the apples are ready.

    --We may need to go on a day other than Friday.  We will just communicate when the time comes and see who is available to go.  I think 2 pickups would be sufficient to bring the 71 or so apples back.

* New club officers
    --Please let Shelly know what office your child(ren) would like to have and we can assign the positions. I will forward the info I received from Taylah and Shiloh and Tish.

* National 4-H Week is Oct 4-10
    --Shelly, we thought we would have a meeting on the 9th.  If that is correct, we voted for each family to make 2 dozen cookies.  We can mix them up at the meeting and then deliver to businesses, etc. around town that support 4-H or bought fruit from us.

    --Tish can deliver her cookies to the courthouse to thank those for supporting us or she can wait until after our meeting to get a mix and then take some to the courthouse.

    --I will get something to pack the cookies in and I have fall stickers we can use to decorate the packages.  I will also print something about our club and National 4-H week.

* Fall Tray Favors
    --Since we are doing the cookies in Oct, we decided to do tray favors in Nov. I have those     ordered.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Minutes for September 2015 Meeting

By Audrey Wheatley, Secretary

The monthly meeting for the Homesteaders 4-H club was held Friday, September 11, 2015.

Liberty Mathis called the meeting to order at 1:28 p.m. Ben Mathis did the prayer. Audrey Wheatley read a devotion from Psalm 84:11 in the absence of Foster Krempin. Ben led the pledges in absence of Foster. Audrey said the roll call. Members responded with their favorite winter activity. There were 6 members and 2 parents. The July minutes will be read at the October meeting. Ben said the August bank statement has not yet arrived so no balances were given. Our club sold 260 boxes of peaches; we made $12 per box for a profit of $3,120. For pears we sold 61 boxes; we made $12 per box for a total of $732.

Old Business:
Thank you everybody for working hard on fruit sales and deliveries! You are AWESOME!

Congratulations to club members for a job well done on exhibit day, fair, and state fair!

New Business:
Shiloh French made a motion to reimburse Tish Linke for gas expense when she picked up the pears. Kenna Wall seconded the motion; the motion passed.

Ben made a motion to give Phil at Peachfork Orchards a $50 tip for delivering our final order of peaches. Shiloh seconded; the motion passed.

Julie Aprill’s thank you note in appreciation of her scholarship was read.

Audrey will draft a thank you letter to our Grand County supporters thanking them for supporting our fruit fundraiser.

The club signed a thank you letter to the McCalls for the $50 donation to our club.

It was suggested a fall field trip would be taken to Peachfork Orchards to pick up the apples and give members another opportunity to tour the Orchards if they missed in April. Parents will stay in contact and see if this is possible when the apples are ready in October.

If you want to be a club officer, email Shelly Mathis what you would like to be. Thank you to all the officers who served the club last year! You did great!

National 4-H week is October 4th-10th. Each family will make 2 dozen cookies that we will give out to supporters at the October meeting. Marcy Monnahan will order fall tray favors which will be made and delivered at the November meeting.

For next month’s meeting
  • Foster-Prayer
  • Audrey- Devotion
  • Shiloh or Kenna- Refreshments.

Shiloh made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:51p.m. Ben seconded it; the motion passed.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Club News - September 2015

Club News
September 2015

Club Meeting

  • Friday, September 11th, at the Kremmling Community Church, from 1 - 3 p.m.
    • Business Meeting
      • Topics of Discussion
        • Report on fruit sales
        • Financial business to attend to
        • Thank-you letters
        • Fall field trip
        • New club officers
        • National 4-H Week
        • Fall tray favors
      • Volunteers for Friday’s Meeting
        • Ben will open in prayer.
        • Foster will share a devotion.
        • Shiloh or Ben will bring refreshments.

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • NEXT Council Meeting - Monday, September 14th - 7 p.m. @ Hot Sulphur Springs Town Hall
    • Please contact the CSU office if you would like a ride!
  • Read the Newsletter - to find out about county activities, 4-H trips and projects, deadlines, and more!