Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Recap of October 2017 Meeting

by Shelly Mathis

Meeting Date: October 13, 2017
4-H Council Report
  • Ben reported that if our club has 20 members, we can have three members (besides Ben) attend 4-H Council meetings and vote on decisions.
  • Achievement Night is in November.  The council is providing the meat and clubs are to bring a potluck dish of their choosing - whether it be a salad, side dish, or dessert.
Old Business
  • Thanks to everyone who baked cookies to thank local business during National 4-H Week!

New Business

  • Thank-you Letter to Fruit Buyers - Audrey and Marcy will send this to the newspapers and Caroline for the 4-H newsletter.
  • Business Expenses
    • The club voted to reimburse the Mathis family for checks she purchased for the club’s checking account.
    • The club also voted to help Shelly and Marcy with printing costs for the club’s paperwork.  When they purchase printer ink toner, they can submit one invoice per year to be reimbursed.
  • Community Service
    • The club voted to renew the $400 sewing club scholarship to Granby Rec -- if they need it.  Shelly will contact Julie to verify.
    • Community Tree Lighting Ceremonies -
      • The club voted to provide refreshments for the Granby and Kremmling tree lighting ceremonies by purchasing 300 cookies from Starla Rindt for $150.
    • Christmas Gifts for Kids
      • The kids voted to donate $75 to each organization listed below:
        • West Grand Wishes
        • Joyful Givers (Trinity Church in the Pines)
        • Hot Sulphur Springs/Parshall Fire Department
  • Thank-You Letters
    • Liberty thanked the club for awarding her a $500 senior scholarship.
    • The Mountain Family Center thanked us for our $100 donation to the backpack/school supply program.
  • Volunteers for next month’s meeting:
    • Prayer - Foster
    • Devotion - Audrey
    • Refreshments - Lexi
  • Please read the club announcements, as well as the 4-H Council newsletter.

Homesteaders Club Announcements

  • Apple Deliveries - Sunday morning, Oct. 15th - Thursday morning, Oct. 19th
  • Next Club Meeting - Friday, November 10th, 1:30 p.m. @ Kremmling Community Church
  • Granby Tree Lighting Ceremony - Friday, November 17th @ 4:30 p.m. (setup) @ Granby Dental

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • October 16th - 4-H enrollment opens!  Check the October newsletter for instructions.
  • Next Council Meeting - Monday, November 6th @ 7 p.m. @ Hot Sulphur Springs Town Hall
  • Achievement Night Banquet - Saturday, November 11th @ 6 p.m. @ Exhibit Hall
    • Email your favorite 4-H photos from last year to Lacy for the slideshow.
  • Two 4-H Open House Opportunities - Learn about the 4-H program and get help registering!
    • Kremmling, Nov. 15th at 6 p.m. in the Exhibit Hall
    • Granby, Nov. 16th at 6 p.m. in the Granby Community Center
  • Read the County 4-H Newsletter that comes to your email and keep up to date on 4-H events!

Plan for Tree Lighting Ceremony

  • Granby - Friday, November 17th @ 5  p.m. - Arrive and set up at 4:30 p.m.
        • Volunteers: Frenches, Krempins, Mathis, Josh & Lexi, Baileys, Chavoustie
        • Each family makes 2 dozen cookies + 150 cookies from Starla

        • Supplies:
          • Marcy: styrofoam cups, plastic spoons, napkins
          • Tonya: hot water Igloo coolers -- take to Indian Peaks School to give to Paige’s son?
          • Shelly: club banner, extra tubs for leftover cookies, hot cocoa mix, mix scoop, packing tape; trash can and large plastic trash bags; Starla’s cookies
          • Tish: 2 tables, 2 tablecloths, Christmas trays and plates
          • Paige: Russian Spiced Tea mix and scoop; boiling hot water in Tonya’s Igloo coolers?
    • Kremmling - Saturday, December 2nd
      • 300 cookies of various flavors needed
        • 150 cookies from Starla Rindt (Shelly will coordinate with Starla.)
        • Each family will donate 2 dozen cookies and arrange delivery to the Visitor’s Center (If there are lots of leftovers from Granby, we’ll adjust the plan.)
      • Deliver cookies by 3 p.m. at Kremmling’s Visitor’s Center in Town Square
        • Families in Granby and HSS can give their cookies to Tish by November 30th.  She’ll take them to Kremmling on Thursday, Dec. 2nd and give to Shelly at the library.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Club News - October 2017

Club News
October 2017

Club Meeting
  • Friday, October 13th @ 1:30 p.m. @ Hot Sulphur Springs Community Church (in the basement)
    • Business
      • Officer Elections
      • Holiday Community Service Projects
    • Meeting Volunteers
      • Prayer - Rhaelyn
      • Devotion - Evan
      • Refreshments - Foster

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Enrollment Information

Membership Info

The Homesteaders 4-H Club is open to all without discrimination.

  • Former Members: Re-Enrollment Instructions
    • 1.  Go to
    • 2.  Follow the instructions on 4H online
    • 3.  Enter your information & pick Homesteaders 4-H club
    • 4.  PRINT off your form and bring to the Extension Office with enrollment fee
    • Cost = $40 (Oct. 16 - Dec. 31) - per member, for the entire year, not per project
      • Late Fees (Jan. 1 - April 1 = $50) and (April 1 - April 14 = $55)
    • Checks payable to Grand County Extension

  • Instructions for NEW Members
    • $40 Oct. 16 - April 1st - per member, for the entire year, not per project
      • Late Fees (April 1 - April 14 = $50)
    • Checks payable to Grand County Extension  
    • Fill out paperwork and take into office WITH payment.  They will set you up in system.

  • Cloverbuds
    • Cost = $30 - per member, for the entire year, not per project
    • Checks payable to Grand County Extension
    • Fill out paperwork and take into office with payment.  They will set you up in system.

  • Parent Leaders
    • For those who want to sign up as leaders (chaperones or project leaders, etc.)
    • Have to fill out paperwork for first year - background check - no fee
    • Fill out paperwork and take into office.  They will set you up in system.

  • Literature
    • Office will order project books after submission of enrollment forms and payment.
    • If you need any books please include on your enrollment forms. We encourage families with more  than one 4-H member to try and utilize one literature book if children are taking the same project. If  you received a new livestock project manual last year and are enrolling in that same project(s) again  you will not get another book. If you have lost your book and would like a new one you’ll have to  purchase it.

  • Project List
    • Review list to pick out desired project.  Call office with questions!

  • Record Books
    • Record Books ~ a. To download record books visit and it  will guide you through the required forms for your project. We encourage all 4-Her’s to make the  practice of starting on their record books as soon as possible and keeping up with them  through project completion