Saturday, July 9, 2016

Recap of July 2016 Meeting

by Shelly Mathis

Meeting Date: July 8, 2016

Old Business

  • Fruit Fundraiser
    • $6100 in fruit sales was deposited this week.  There’s still more to do.
    • The peach delivery date is tentatively set for Friday, August 19th. Mark your calendars to be available!
    • Tish will ask Phil about when the final count of peach boxes is due; this date will determine when the final sales are due to Shelly.  Thus far, it seems that Krempins and Mathis’ are the only ones who yet have payments to collect.  
      • Tish will also ask Phil if any boxes of “seconds” are available for purchase.
    • The club voted to order an extra 15 boxes of peaches to sell at time of delivery.

New Business

  • 4-H Adult and Member Award Nominations - Due Sept. 2nd
    • Shelly will bring the adult award forms on the peach delivery.
    • Club members will meet and discuss, while adults are sorting peach boxes.
    • Marcy and Shelly will meet later in August to complete the member nominations.

  • September’s Meeting Volunteers:
    • Prayer - Audrey
    • Devotion - Ben
    • Refreshments - Shiloh

  • Demonstrations were given by Shiloh and Taylah.

  • Community Service - Summer turtle tray favors were made by the club for the Kremmling seniors.

Homesteaders Club Announcements

  • Fair Registration is DUE by July 14th!

  • Exhibit Day Display Boards and Record Book Covers - available for purchase at the Extension Office as a fundraiser for the 4-H Council
    • Display boards =$5
    • Record book covers = $4

  • Cloverbuds - Contact the office to sign up for the Cloverbud Show and Tell time during Exhibit Day.  Poster boards are available at the office!

  • Outdoor Adventure Day - Sunday, July 24th - Watch your email for details and for the campfire meal plan!

  • NEXT Club Meeting - Friday, September 9th @ KCC from 1-3 p.m. (unless we’re on our way to the PeachFork Orchards to get our pears!)

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • 4-H Council Community Service & Meeting - Wednesday, July 27th @ 1 p.m. following the Fairgrounds Clean-up @ 9 a.m. at the fairgrounds.  Please RSVP with the office.

  • 4-H Council Fundraising Opportunities for Earning Trip Assistance:
    • Truck Raffle Tickets
    • Council Concessions - Sign up sheets are available now!
      • July 23rd - gymkhana and farrier contest concessions
      • August 8-14th - fair week
      • August 20th - demolition derby

  • Read the Newsletter - to find out about county activities, 4-H trips and projects, deadlines, and more!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Record Book Help

record keeping.jpg

For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Members...
Learn about what is required for your project by clicking HERE

Locate, download, and print the E-Record Book for each of your 4-H projects HERE.
  • Scroll down to find the appropriate division for your project(s), i.e. Livestock, Family and Consumer Science Projects, etc.
  • Locate and click on the appropriate link for your project record book.
  • It will download into your Downloads folder on your computer.
  • Open your Downloads folder to copy and paste the file wherever you would like to store it for future access and use (such as your Documents folder or your Desktop).
  • Options:
    • Print and write in the data by hand.
    • Type in the data and print.
  • Store in a 3-ring binder.
    • Carefully examine the division for your project.  Look for additional supplements to download and include in your record book, such as "Project Expense and Income/Value Forms".

There are some project manuals in file format listed below the record books.  Review the list and
download for use, if they pertain to your project.

Below project manuals are Project Tip Sheets & Project Information Pages.  Be sure to locate those that relate to your project, download, print, and review.

AFTER you download your record book, there are project guides that will be of help to you as your work on your project.  Please click on the category link in which your 4-H project resides:

  • Project Score Sheets - Click HERE to locate score sheets for your project(s).
  • Display Hints and Tips - Click HERE to locate tips for your display board and record books.
  • Exhibit Requirements - Click HERE.  Read the Table of Contents to locate the page on which your project is described.  Scroll down to that page and read what is required for Exhibit Day and State Fair.
  • Fair Contest Rules - Click HERE to learn about the rules for the fair contests.

Click HERE to learn about the Shooting Sports 4-H Program and available events and activities.

Suggestions In Getting Started
  • Take the time to browse through them to get an overview picture of the project.
  • Write down ideas of how to schedule your project assignments over the next few months.
  • If you need someone to help learn  the project (or to help teach it to your children), let me know!  We
    can contact the office to see if they can hook us up with an “expert.”

NOTE: Cloverbuds are not required to complete a record book!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Club News - July 2016

Club News
July 2016

Club Meeting

  • Friday, July 8th, at the Kremmling Community Church, from 1 - 3 p.m.
    • Business Meeting
      • Demonstrations
        • Shiloh
        • Taylay
        • David?
      • Volunteers
        • Prayer - Foster
        • Devotion - Liberty
        • Refreshments - Audrey
    • Tray Favors
      • We’ll be making a simple turtle tray favor for the seniors.
      • Please bring glue sticks and/or glue guns for glueing on eyeballs.
        • I am not sure which type of glue will work best, since the turtles have not yet arrived.  I’ll try to make one when they get here and see what we need.  
      • Please contact your fruit buyers to collect payment!  
      • Bring all completed fruit fundraiser spreadsheets and payments.  
      • Thank you! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Recap of June 2016 Meeting

by Shelly Mathis

Meeting Date: June 24, 2016

Old Business

  • Outdoor Adventure Day
    • Put it on your schedule!  The club decided to schedule the Outdoor Adventure Day for Sunday, July 24th.  Liberty will coordinate with the Junior Leaders for their presentations.  Shelly will coordinate the dinner meal for the campfire at the Mathis house, following the hike.
  • Fruit Fundraiser
    • Spreadsheets and payments are due!  Please turn in to Shelly at the library.  You can drop them off, even if I’m not there.  Just have them bundled in an envelope and marked with my name.  I am there on Mondays 1-6, Tuesdays 12-7, and Thursdays 8:45-6:15.

New Business

  • August Peach Deliveries
    • Tish will plan with Phil.  Issue: Fair was moved to when we typically deliver!  Stay tuned!
    • Marcy will create delivery spreadsheets for families, sorted by town.
    • Shelly will complete spreadsheets & deposits with Ben, as well as print thank-you slips for delivery.
    • Please let your buyers know that we have fruit recipes on the website:  Email Shelly if you have favorite fruit recipes to share.
  • Audrey read Jill’s thank-you card for the scholarship.
  • 2016-2017 Chartering Paperwork
    • Budget: The club voted to change the budget for next year by increasing the scholarship fund to 42% of income, keeping 33% for community service, keeping 20% for club activities, and reducing the miscellaneous fund to 5% of all income earned.  
    • Plan of Action: The club agreed to keep the same general Plan of Action as last year.
  • July’s Meeting Volunteers:
    • Prayer - Foster
    • Devotion - Liberty
    • Refreshments - Audrey
  • Demonstrations were given by Kenna, Evan, Ben, and Audrey.

Homesteaders Club Announcements

  • NEXT Club Meeting - Friday, July 8th @ KCC from 1 - 3 p.m.
    • Demonstrations:
      • Shiloh?
      • Taylah?
      • David?

  • Outdoor Adventure Day - Sunday, July 24th.  Meet at fairgrounds at 12:15 p.m. to follow the Mathis family to TeePee Creek trailhead.  Please eat lunch beforehand or in the car on the way!  More details to come via email!

  • Remember to work on your projects and record books!
    • Shelly will email steps to finding project Exhibit Day requirements.  If you’re still confused, PLEASE stop by the Extension Office to get assistance.  Don’t wait until the last minute!

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • Exhibit Day & Fair Registration: WATCH your email inboxes for an announcement from Caroline that she is ready for the online fair registration to begin.  It opened on June 20th, but there have been glitches.  If you don’t hear from her, contact her.  DUE July 13th!

  • 4-H Council Fundraising Opportunities:
    • Pick up your truck raffle tickets at the office.  Selling just 5 tickets will help you earn trip assistance to go to a 4-H retreat or camp next year.
    • Watch the newsletter for council concessions opportunities!  This is required for earning trip assistance.
      • July 23rd - gymkhana and farrier contest concessions
      • August 8-14th - fair week
      • August 20th - demolition derby

  • Cloverbud Activity - Build birdhouses out of recycled materials.  June 30th @ 6 p.m. in the Hot Sulphur Springs Community Hall

  • 4-H Council Meeting - Wednesday, July 27th @ 1 p.m. following the Fairgrounds Clean-up @ 9 a.m. at the fairgrounds

  • Read the Newsletter - to find out about county activities, 4-H trips and projects, deadlines, and more!