Sunday, November 12, 2017

Recap of November 2017 Meeting

by Shelly Mathis

Meeting Date: November 10, 2017

Old Business

  • Community Service
    • Granby Rec Update:
      • Julie said that they have $295 left from last year’s $400 scholarship.  Thus, we will not be giving them a new scholarship for this year.  Also, there will be no sewing classes this year.  
      • The club voted to allow Granby Rec to keep the remaining $295 and use it as financial support for kids to attend other Rec programs.
    • Thank-You Card from Sew It Seamz - The sewing kids sent us a thank-you card for our $400 scholarship donation.

New Business

  • Reimbursement
    • The club voted to reimburse Tish for her fuel costs for picking up our apple order from the Peachfork Orchard in October.
  • Club Field Trips
    • National Western Stock Show - The club voted to pay for half of the ticket costs for those members and moms who attend the National Western Stock Show in January.
    • Please notify Audrey and Marcy if you decide to go, so they can write a check to the office for the club’s portion.
  • December’s Party
    • We will have our annual party at Fraser Tubing Hill on Friday, December 15th at 11 a.m.
    • The club voted to pay the full cost for tubing tickets for all family members out of the Activities Fund.
    • Tish will call to reserve the date and ask about a group discount (we need more than 15 for a discount).  Marcy and Audrey will bring a form of payment on that day.
    • The Krempins would like to host a potluck lunch following the tubing party.  Tish will make soup.  Everyone else will bring a side or dessert.
    • Marcy has tray favors for us to make after we eat.
    • Shelly will send out more details as the date nears.  Stay tuned!
  • Audrey’s CLC Report
    • Audrey shared about her trip to CLC in November.
    • The club voted to award Audrey $75 trip assistance for her trip to CLC (she sold over 35 boxes, which earned her $75 in trip assistance).
  • Volunteer for January’s meeting:
    • Prayer - Taylah
    • Devotion - Sego
    • Refreshments - Chisum
  • Please read the club announcements, as well as the 4-H Council newsletter on your own.
  • We will make tray favors for seniors following the meeting.


Homesteaders Club Announcements

  • December’s Party - Friday, December 15th @ 11 a.m. @ Fraser Tubing Hill
    • Details will come via email.  Stay tuned!
  • Next Club Meeting - Friday, January 12th @ 1:30 p.m. @ Hot Sulphur Springs Community Church

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements
  • Read the County 4-H Newsletter that comes to your email and keep up to date on 4-H events!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Club News - November 2017

Club News
November 2017

Club Meeting
  • Friday, November 10th @ 1:30 p.m. @ Kremmling Community Church
    • Business
      • Community Service
      • December’s Party
    • Meeting Volunteers
      • Prayer - Foster
      • Devotion - Audrey
      • Refreshments - Lexi
    • Community Service: We will make tray favors after our meeting.

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • Next Council Meeting - Monday, November 6th @ 7 p.m. @ Hot Sulphur Springs Town Hall
  • Achievement Night Banquet - Saturday, November 11th @ 6 p.m. @ Exhibit Hall
    • Each family needs to bring a side dish.
    • Email your favorite 4-H photos from last year to Lacy for the slideshow.