Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Meeting Notes

by Shawn Bohall

Hi to the Homesteaders 4-H Club:
Council meeting is Sept 19Th, 5:00 at Hot Sulphur. Who can come vote? We need 1 or 2, let Shyla know.

October Meeting will be 8Th, 1:30 at the Community Church. We will have a short meeting and then go to the mercantile. For National 4-H week, we are doing the following:

The Homesteaders 4-H club is going to hand out cookies at the Kremmling Mercantile (subject to approval) at the October 4-H meeting. Shyla is going to order the stickers and check with the Mercantile to see if we can do that. All members are ask to make cookies. Shelly is going to create and make sticker/labels to attach to the cookies. We will also hand out our extra pop from the concessions we had in the summer.

Sewers come at 11:30. Shawn will have a paper piecing project to work on.

Shawn will hand out new enrollment forms when they are available.

The November meeting will be November 19Th, 1:30 at the Community Church. We will have a short meeting and then go to the Assisted Living Center (subject to approval). Anna Soltis is checking to see if that is possible. We will be playing games with the seniors. Please bring cards, checkers, simple games, etc. At our meeting we will draw names for our 4-H Christmas gift exchange. The gift must be homemade and not cost more than 5.00. Those who want to sew please come at 11:30 on Nov 19Th to make pot holders for the craft show booth in Dec. Shawn and Marcy are gathering Christmas fabric and batting and will have the cutting done to save time. Please bring your machine, thread and scissors.

The December meeting will be Dec. 10Th 1:30, at the Community Church. This will be our Christmas gift exchange, Cookie exchange. Those wishing to participate in the cookie exchange bring two dozen cookies. Sewers come and work on something Christmas related--will let you know supply list closer to time.

The kids would like to keep the meetings short and then have either a guest speaker, workshop, or do community service. We are going to try to make tray favors for the Assisted Living Center and Hospital each month. This will be a short craft done at the end of each meeting. All members be looking for cute ideas, and when you find one you would like to sponsor, let Shawn know.

The club is going to rent a booth at the preschool craft show. Please be making items to donate. Shawn will find out how to register for a booth and let Anna know when to write a check and where to mail it. Also, we are going to meet before the November meeting to make pot holders to sell.

Field trip ideas are Zoo, Lonesome Stone, Pizza Hut, Survival skills...

If you want to sew, but don't have a machine, please let Shawn know and she can bring you one.

If you have any questions, just ask!