Monday, October 22, 2012

Minutes for October's Meeting

by Secretary Julie Aprill

The monthly meeting of the Homesteaders 4-H club was held October 19th, 2012 in the Sew it Seamz classroom.

President Shyla Bohall called the meeting to order at 1:08 P.M. Due to the absence of Audrey Wheatley, no one lead the pledges.  There were five members and three adults in attendance.  The secretary forgot to bring the minutes, so Ben Mathis moved that we start reading Minutes next month; Liberty Mathis seconded it.  Liberty Mathis gave the Treasurers Report for September; Bailey Monnahan moved to accept it, and Ben Mathis Seconded.

Old Business:
Tray Favors: The Mathis family will do them in November, in December the Aprills will do it, and Molly Scruggs will be in charge of the January tray favors.  For the Craft Show we will continue to make pot holders; we discussed making a different kind of pot holder and agreed to raise the prices on them this year.  We will be making more every-day ones, and sewing them at the November meeting.

New Business:
We reimbursed the Bohalls for the fabric they bought for the club.  Miss Carolyn asked us if we wanted a booth or if we would just help out at the Fall Fun Fest. We decided to help her wherever needed.   We also donated $32 for her to buy candy for it.  For this Christmas we decided to sponsor Helen at the hospital and also be looking for people at Cliffview and Mountain Family Center.  Our budget is $50 for anyone we choose to sponsor.  We will be drawing names at the next meeting for the gift exchange and bringing cookies to the December meeting.  This year we will be taking cookies to show the businesses that support us some gratitude; we will deliver them at the next meeting.  

Shoebox ministry is getting ready to send the boxes off. We will be doing eight boxes, four boys four girls.  The set price per box is $13. We will be meeting on November 7th to go to Steamboat to shop, and on the 8th we will pack them with the Christian school.

Julie Aprill moved that we donate $50 to the Awana program for general use; Ben Mathis seconded it  the motion passed.  Next meeting will be the 16th of November.  Ben Mathis moved that we adjourn, and Julie Aprill seconded it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Shawn's Recap Email of October Meeting

Hi  All, here is the summary of today's meeting (held October 19, 2012).  Please feel free to add to this or make corrections.
1.  Upcoming Tray favors-
November-Mathis, December-Aprills, January-Molly.  We need approx 60 made

2.  We are going to make pot holders for the Craft show.  The Bohalls will buy fabric before November 16th,we will sew them after the meeting on that day. Plan on sewing 4 hours or so.  The club will provide drinks and pizza for supper, and we will utilize our ice-cream club competion party  for desert.

3.  We are having a booth at the fall fest--booth provided, we will man the booth.  We donated 32.00 dollars for candy.

4.  We are going to sponsor Helen Wordon @ Christmas. She likes music CD's, (bluegrass, symphony, classical) she could use a neck pillow, lotion, XXL sweat pants, and lap throw. She also likes cheetos. Does anyone have anything like this they could already donate?  Used music tapes would be fine.   Also, JoAnna is going to contact Cliffview to see if someone has a need there.  We will spend approx 50.00 each.

5.  We will make the tie blankets for the Mountain Family Center at future meetings.  Shyla will prepare and kids can tie during meeting.

6.  We are going to have a cookie/gift exchange at the Dec meeting.  We will draw names @ the November 16th meeting.

7.  Each family needs to bring 2 doz cookies to the November meeting.  Shyla will bring cards,  We are going to deliver them businesses who have supported our club.

8.  We will go to Steamboat to shop for the shoe box ministry November 7th. Marcy will drive, she will let us know what time.  Also, we can pack the boxes then, or do it @ the Christian School on the 8th @ 1:30.  Does anyone have shoe boxes?    We will sponsor 4 girls, 4 boys, and spend approx 13.00 per box. The shipping is around 7.00, so that will be about 20.00 per box.   Just for the record-  the Bohalls can bring lotion, soap, combs, gum & toothpaste to put in them.  Does anyone else have items?  Julie is going to get the list of items not to put in from the Christian School. 

9.  We donated 50.00 towards Awana's for needs of the program.

10.  Molly, can you get that letter to the Credit Union to my by next week?

Can anybody think of anything else?  Any questions?
Thanks and God Bless,
Shawn & Shyla

Marcy's response:
If anyone has any baby hats by the time we go to Steamboat for shopping, we can drop them off at the hospital, too, that day.  When the time gets closer let me know if you would prefer to leave early afternoon or get home a little later. I have an eye appt at 2:45 that day that we can work around.