Friday, April 22, 2016

Minutes for April 2016 Meeting

By Audrey Wheatley, Secretary

The monthly meeting for the Homesteaders 4-H club was held Friday, April 15, 2016.

President Liberty Mathis called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Ben Mathis led the prayer. Liberty read a devotion from Psalms 91: 1-2. Foster Krempin led the pledges. Audrey Wheatley did the roll call. Members were to respond with what you are looking forward to about summer. There were 9 members and 4 parents/leaders present. Audrey read the minutes for March. Shiloh French moved to accept the minutes. Taylah French seconded it; the motion passed. Ben Mathis read the treasurer’s report. We have $5,326.23. Jill moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Kenna seconded it; the motion passed.

Old Business:The club tabled the vote if we should give our club families fruit discounts; we will discuss when the other club moms are present.

New Business:Ben made a motion to approve the purchase price that was increased to $45 for our club’s fair book ad. Evan Crandall seconded it; the motion passed. The new design is in black and white because the fair theme is retro-style.

Taylah made a motion to sponsor the fair at the friend level of $100 dollars. Kenna seconded it; the motion passed. Our new club banner will be hung on the fairgrounds for the week of fair.

May’s spring tray favors will be done at the June meeting.

The club may be going to the Peachfork Orchards either on Wednesday June 1st or Friday June 3rd.

The project drop date was April 29th. We will start demonstrations in May.

For the next meeting:
Jill- Prayer
Audrey- Devotion
Krempins and Shelly- Refreshments

Ben moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:36 p.m. Evan seconded it; the motion passed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Recap of April 2016 Meeting

by Shelly Mathis

Meeting Date: April 15, 2016

Old Business

  • Fruit Sales - The club decided to wait until the May meeting to discuss about giving the club members’ families a discount for boxes of fruit they purchase.

New Business

  • Middle Park Fair Ad
    • The club approved purchasing a $45 ⅛-page ad to thank the office staff and support the fair.  This year’s book will be in black and white, so Shelly redesigned the ad accordingly:
    • Additionally, the club voted to be a Friend sponsor of the Middle Park Fair by donated $100.  At this level, the club’s banner will be displayed all week long.  

  • May’s Spring Tray Favors
    • The club tabled discussing May’s spring-themed tray favors, since Tish and Marcy were both gone.  (Ladies, please discuss the plan with one another, and let me know if May is okay with you.)

  • Field Trip to the Orchard
    • The club talked about tentatively planning a field trip to Phil’s orchard on Wednesday, June 1st.
    • Tish, will you please check with him to see if that is a good plan?  

  • 4-H Projects
    • DROP date = Sunday, May 1st.  If you cannot finish your project, drop your project by Friday, April 29th!  Contact the office!

  • Demonstrations
    • May: Foster, Jill, Audrey
    • June: Kenna, Evan, Shiloh, Taylah
    • July: Ben, Liberty, David
    • Cloverbuds: Do Sego, Flint, or Chisum want to practice giving a demonstration?  They can, but they don’t have to.  :)

  • Volunteers for May’s meeting:
    • Prayer - Jill
    • Devotion - Audrey
    • Refreshments - Krempins and Mathis (dessert and ice cream)

Homesteaders Club Announcements

  • Outdoor Adventure Day Committee Meeting - Friday, April 22nd at 1:30 p.m. @ Big Shooters
  • Keep working on your projects.  Remember to start your record book as soon as possible!
  • Shooting Sports: Watch your email for news.  Sharpshooters will be kicking off soon!
  • NEXT Club Meeting - Friday, May 13, 2016 from 1-3 p.m. @ KCC

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • Cloverbud Night: April 21st - 6:30-7:30 @ West Grand High School Greenhouse (behind the school).  Learn about gardening with Miss EmmyLou!
  • ATTENTION Dog and Horse Project Members:
    • The Animal Form for Dog and Horse ID’s is DUE May 1st.  See newsletter for more information.
  • DROP Project Deadline: April 29th (before May 1st)
  • 4-H Council Meeting - Monday, May 2nd @ 7 p.m. in Hot Sulphur Springs
  • Read the Newsletter - to find out about county activities, 4-H trips and projects, deadlines, and more!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Club News - April 2016 Part 2

Club News
April 2016 Part 2

Club Meeting

  • Friday, April 15th, at the Kremmling Community Church, from 1 - ? p.m.
    • Business Meeting
      • Volunteers
        • Ben - prayer
        • Liberty - devotion
        • Evan - refreshments
    • Community Service: Gardening at Cliffview Assisted Living Center
      • Directly following our business meeting, we will prepare Cliffview’s gardens and flower pots for later planting.
      • Bring: work clothes, jackets (if need be), gloves, hats, water, and small gardening tools (if you have them).
      • Members are also welcome to go inside and visit.  Pets are welcome, if they are calm and people-friendly.

Special Announcements:

Required Orientation Meeting for NEW 4-Her’s and their parents!
  • This Wednesday, April 13th, at 6 p.m. in the Exhibit Hall
  • Contact the office if you absolutely cannot make it: 724-3436
  • As far as I know, Evan is the only first-time member to 4-H...

Project Books
  • I will bring these project books with me to the meeting:
    • Shiloh and Taylah - five books
    • Foster - Goat

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Club News - April 2016 Part 1

Club News
April 2016 Part 1

Special Announcements:

4-H Council Meeting - This Monday, April 4th @ 7 p.m. in Hot Sulphur Springs
  • Council needs two additional voices from our club!  If you’re available, please contact the Extension Hall to ask for a ride.  You can email Travis at or call the office at 724-3436.  (You can leave a message if you call Sunday night.)  
  • If you go to the meeting, you will get to meet Lacy - our new 4-H Coordinator!

Middle Park Fairbook Ad
  • Carol Culbreath contacted me to see if our club wants to purchase another fairbook ad.  Unfortunately, it is due the day of our club meeting on the 15th.  I need to send it to her before that day.  Please email me your vote of Yes or No to whether the club should purchase an ad for $40.  Our ad thanks the efforts of the Extension Office staff.

Project Books
  • Lacy gave me project books for the following club members:
    • Audrey - Simply Sewing Clothing 2
    • Shiloh and Taylah - five books
    • David - Shotgun
    • Foster - Goat
  • I will bring these to the library on Monday, April 4th.  Stop by and pick them up, if you like.  Let me know if you want me to bring them to the April 15th club meeting.  

Community Service Activity at Cliffview Assisted Living Center
  • Jeff loved your idea to clean out Cliffview’s gardens and flower pots!
  • We will do this on Friday, April 15th, directly following our business meeting.
  • Come prepared with work clothes, gloves, hats, water, and small gardening tools (if you have them).
  • Members are also welcome to go inside and visit.  Pets are welcome, if they are calm and people-friendly.