Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our 2013-2014 4-H Year's Accomplishments

New Club

We grew!  We became a "new" club and came together as a group - children and parents alike.

All ages of our club members bonded with one another.

Every  member completed their projects (as far as I know!).  :)


The older club members conducted SIX Clover Times and ONE successful Cloverbud Camp.


Peaches: We sold 243 boxes of Palisade peaches and earned $2,916 for trip assistance, community service and scholarships!  WOW!

Hot Dogging: We received $160 in donations at Granby Ace Hardware.

Two Gymkhana Concessions: We earned $450.25.

Community Service

Tray Favors for Seniors: Created and delivered FOUR times.

Meals for Bensing-Woods: Cooked for the Bensing-Wood family after Jaxon arrived.

4-H Council Fall Fest: Helped out at the festival.

Adult Shirt Savers: Sewed adult shirt savers for local seniors and residents.

Christmas Cookies: Baked Christmas Cookies for Kremmling's tree lighting ceremony.

Wrapped Christmas Gifts: Wrapped gifts at the preschool's craft fair

Beading at Cliffview: Made beaded crafts with residents.