Monday, August 6, 2018

Club News - August 2018

Club News
August 2018

Peach Delivery Day Plan
Tentatively…unless Tish hears differently from Phil this Wednesday or Thursday...
We will meet Phil in Hot Sulphur Springs on Monday, August 13th at 8:30 a.m.

Directions to the Meeting Spot in Hot Sulphur Springs
If coming from the west, turn right at the gas station.
If coming from the east, turn left at the gas station.
Drive one block.  
Park in the empty lot on the corner of Moffat Avenue and Hemlock Street, on the left.

Please Bring
---Please wear your 4-H Homesteaders T-shirt!
---Markers (for writing your buyers’ names on box lids)
---Scotch Tape (for taping thank-you slips on box lids)
---Snacks and Water Bottles

Marcy - Fruit spreadsheets for everyone; club checkbook; horse trailer

Shelly - Thank-you slips; packing tape for the banner; thank-you card for the Peachfork Orchard

Susan - Homesteaders’ banner (cut down from fairgrounds on Sunday, the 12th)

Tish - Verify delivery date with Phil; contact Kelly to notify government complex buyers

Everyone - We are ordering 30 extra boxes for last-minute sales.  
Make notes of people who want to buy and collect money as you deliver.  Thanks!

The Master Plan
---Most of us will unload the boxes from Phil’s truck.

---As these boxes are stacked, a couple of us will tape thank-you slips onto the lids.

---Next, we will each take our personal sales to designated vehicles.

---The club’s HSS government complex sales should be left in the center.

---Under Marcy’s direction, the names of buyers will be written on the lids of the HSS boxes.

---Delivery Teams (containing one adult plus kids) will deliver boxes to the correct office.

---Paige, Emily, Tonya (maybe) and Cathlyn will help deliver HSS sales.

---Once HSS sales are delivered, everyone will leave to deliver their assigned boxes.

Please contact Marcy if you have questions about your spreadsheets or deliveries.  

Thank you all for coming together to make this happen!  

We’ll let you know if there is a change in plans.