Friday, October 3, 2014

Recap of September 2014 Meeting

Recap of September 2014 Meeting

September 5, 2014
by Shelly Mathis

Old Business:
  • Granby Cloverbud Camp - The Junior Leaders voted to not do the camp in Granby on Sept. 13th.
  • Peaches
    • Spreadsheets - Changes to spreadsheets were suggested and will be implemented
    • Pears and Apples
      • We did not have a chance to vote, so we will address this later for next year.
      • Tish shared that if we do want to sell pears and apples, the orchard said our minimum order would be a 100 boxes (apples and pears combined).
  • PRC Brochures
    • These club members still need to check businesses for PRC paperwork:
      • Grand Hair Design - Kenna
      • Subway, Post Office and Kremmling Mercantile  - Frenches/Zick-Woods
      • Last Time ‘Round Thrift Store - Audrey
      • If supplies of posters or brochures are low at any of these places, please let Tish know via a phone call or a text (970-531-5465).  
  • Thank-you letters to editors for our supporters - Julie wrote two letters thanking our community for supporting us through all of our fundraisers.  These were sent to Sky-Hi News and Grand Gazette.
    • Marcy suggested that she also send this letter to Caroline to publish in the county 4-H newsletter.
  • August 30th Concessions - There were slower sales, because not as many people attended the gymkhana; however, we still made $181!  Thanks to everyone who donated and helped out!

New Business:
  • Congratulations on Exhibit Day, Fair, and State Fair!
  • We signed club thank-you cards for businesses who supported us: Kum & Go, Wal-Mart, City Market, Kremmling Mercantile, Grand Gazette, Dennis Carpenter
  • Our Accomplishments this Past Year:
    • Hearts bonded with one another as a new group
    • 100% completion (if livestock people submit record books today!)
    • Fantastic results at Exhibit Day, Fair and State Fair
    • 6 Clover Times
    • 1 Cloverbud Camp
    • 243 boxes of peaches sold (earned $2,916)
    • Received $200 in donations (Hot Dogging at Ace and miscellaneous donors)
    • 2 gymkhana concessions (earned $450.25
    • 4 months of tray favors for seniors
    • Meals for Baby Jaxon’s family
    • Served at 4-H Fall Fest
    • Sewed adult shirt savers
    • Baked Christmas cookies for Kremmling’s tree lighting ceremony
    • Wrapped Christmas gifts at preschool craft fair
    • Beaded crafts with Cliffview residents
  • How do you want to celebrate your big and successful 4-H year?
    • The club decided on ordering T-shirts for all of us, as well as the club funding a trip to visit a Rec Center for swimming (either Fraser or Silverthorne) sometime this winter.
      • T-Shirt Research Committee: Marcy, Bailey & Audrey
      • The will bring a list of options to the October meeting, and the club will vote on the shirt of choice.
  • NEW Plan of Action for Upcoming 4-H Year
    • The club agreed to cut all club fundraisers for next year except for the fruit fundraiser, since it was so successful and people are requesting we sell fruit again next year.
  • Next year’s club officers - Please email Shelly if you are interested in a certain office position.
  • Who wants to do next month’s…
    • Prayer - Molly
    • Devotion - Liberty
    • Refreshments - Ben
  • After the meeting, club members chose their 4-H adult award nominees.

Homesteaders Club Announcements

  • NEXT Club Meeting - Friday, October 10th @ 1 p.m. @ KCC

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • 4-H Council Meeting - Monday, October 6, 2014 @ 7 p.m. in Hot Sulphur Springs at their Community Hall
  • 4-H Achievement Banquet - Friday, October 17th @ 5 p.m. at the Middle Park High School in Granby
    • Homesteaders are to bring side dishes.  Each 4-H member (including those in families) are asked to bring a dish that serves 15.  For example, we would bring a side dish that serves 30, since we have two 4-H members in our family.

REMINDER: Please check your inbox and read through the Extension Office’s 4-H Newsletter each month!  There is always pertinent information concerning your 4-H project, interesting activities available to you, and Cloverbud events.