Monday, November 18, 2013

Recap of the November 2013 Meeting

Call to Order: Bailey Monnahan
Prayer: Molly Scruggs
Devotion: Julie Aprill
Pledges: Foster Krempin
Roll Call: Julie Aprill-respond with “Dinkleberry” in any accent
Minutes: Julie Aprill (September and October)
Treasurers Report: Liberty Mathis ~ $1,154.88

Old Business:
  • Announced New Officers
  • 4-H Enrollment Information - Does anyone have any questions?  Please enroll!
  • National 4-H Week - We signed thank-you cards to local businesses who helped us
  • October Community Service - Fall Fest
    • Caityln said, “Thanks so much, Homesteaders!” - Way to go!
  • November Community Service - Voted to volunteer sewing adult shirt-savers at Sew It Seamz (Nov. 22nd 11a-4p)

New Business:
  • Office of Reporter
    • Sierra Bensing volunteered for the job.  Travis Hoesli said that as far as he knows, there is not an official record book for this office.  He suggested that Sierra keep a scrapbook of our activities and design it according to her own creativity - as a way to record the history of our club.  Thanks, Sierra!

  • December Meeting & Christmas!
    • Change of Date & Location - Dec. meeting on Dec. 20th - 12-2pm @ Kremmling Library’s Community Room
      • NO Cloverbud Time - ALL make tray favors 12-1 p.m., enjoy refreshments, and do the gift & cookie exchanges
      • Gift Exchange: Names were selected for the gift exchange.  Shelly has a master list if you forget who you have.  The club voted on a $5 limit for the cost of the gift.  Be creative!  Make something homemade and simple.  :)
      • Cookie Exchange: Each family will bring 3 dozen cookies to share.  Bring a large enough container to take your share of cookies home!
      • We will make a plate of cookies to give to the Extension Office
      • Business Meeting - 1-2 p.m.
    • December Community Service:
      • Tray favors for seniors. Marcy will order a winter-themed craft from Oriental Trading.  Shelly will bring snowflake stickers leftover from last year.
      • For those of you who want to, you can bake cookies to donate to the Tree Lighting in the Park Ceremony on December 7th.  Please drop your cookies off at the Eastin Hotel anytime that day.  
  • Club trip to the Stock Show on January 17th
    • Contact Shelly if you want to buy tickets to go to the Stock Show on 4-H Day before December 2nd
    • Travis estimates the cost of each ticket at $15.  The club voted to pay half of each member and leader ticket of those attending, since it is an educational trip.

  • Tish shared fundraiser and field trip ideas with club
    • The club volunteered to hang up Pregnancy Resource Center information at local businesses and maintain them throughout the year.  Various members volunteered to do this on their own time.  
      • Make sure you record it down as Community Service for your record book!
    • Fundraiser Idea: selling Palisade Peaches
      • Pre-sell boxes of peaches (16 lbs.)
        • Sell for $35/box
        • Sell 300 - our cost = $25/box ($10 profit/box)
        • Sell 500 - cost = $22/box ($12 profit/box)
      • Tish will find out how much our profit would be if we could not sell 300 boxes.  We tabled this until February’s meeting.
    • Field Trip Ideas:
      • Honey Farm and Orchard in Palisade
      • Tactile - coincide with trip to symphony on Dec. 4th?  Tish will find out and let us know.

  • Club Ice Cream Party (for 100% completion last year - $25 limit)
    • The club voted to table this until after the holidays and chose to buy ice cream and supplies in bulk to eat “in-house” instead of at a restaurant.

  • Cloverbud Camp
    • Organize for winter time - February?  Theme?  Brainstorm via email?  Chairperson?
      • The officers voted to try to organize a camp in February - IF a date can be worked out with everyone’s schedules (i.e. Bailey’s basketball).
      • Theme = Cowboy Ethics
      • Julie will chair the committee and email the club members to begin brainstorming ideas.  The officers decided to wait until January to begin organizing in earnest.
      • Shelly spoke with Caitlyn afterward, who said she has an entire book filled with the Cowboy Ethics curriculum and materials that the kids can use.  She would like to meet with them in January to review it with them and help them with ideas.

  • Next month’s prayer/devotion/refreshments
    • Julie will lead us in prayer.
    • Liberty will give the devotion.
    • Molly will bring refreshments.

Homesteaders Club Announcements
  • November Community Service - Come help Shawn and Shyla Bohall make adult shirt-savers for the Kremmling senior residents at Kremmling Memorial Hospital and Cliffview Assisted Living Center!
    • When: Friday, November 22nd - anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. @ Sew It Seamz Classroom

  • Next Homesteaders Meeting - December 20th, 12-2 p.m. @ Kremmling Library

  • Next Council Meeting - December 2 in Hot Sulphur Springs @ 7:00 p.m.
    • Call the Extension Office if you want a ride!

4-H Council Announcements:

  • December 2nd : Council Meeting @ 7 p.m. at Hot Sulphur Springs Community Hall
    • Bring 10 Christmas cards to sign and send to soldiers.

  • December 6th: Fundraiser
    • Help decorate a tree and auction it off at the Fraser Rec Center - Dec. 6th.
    • Call Extension Office for details.  724.3436, or email Molly to get more information on how you can help (

  • December 7th: Community Service Projects
    • 4-H Council will have a gift wrapping booth at the Preschool Craft Fair in Kremmling from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m..  Volunteers needed!  
    • Bring cookies to the Eastin Hotel during the day to donate for the tree lighting ceremony in the park on the evening of Dec. 7th.

  • December 13th:  Fun Event
    • Caitlyn will be teaching kids to make Sugar Chalets at the Extension Hall!  For grades K-12 and you do not have to be in 4-H to participate!  Cost is $5.  Please RSVP by Dec. 6th.

  • January 24-27: Leadership Development Conference (LDC)
    • LDC is a camp for Senior members only. The sign-up forms are due back at the office on January 10th.