Monday, November 11, 2013

Club News - November 2013

Introducing Club News

  • Communication keeps us connected!  

  • To help our business meetings be brief, I will share certain information beforehand via email that does not need to take up business meeting time.

  • Let me know if there is something that needs to be discussed in Club News, a business meeting, or a brainstorming session.

Club Announcements

  • November Business Meeting is this Friday, Nov. 15th, at the Kremmling Community Church
    • 11:00 - For the junior, intermediate, and senior members who want to lead Cloverbud Time
    • 11:30 - Cloverbud Time!
    • 12:00 - 1:00 - Business Meeting

  • Remember to enroll for the first time OR re-enroll by Dec. 31st!  
    • Call the Extension Office or myself if you have any questions!  :)  

  • November Community Service - Come help Shawn and Shyla Bohall make adult shirt-savers for the Kremmling senior residents at Kremmling Memorial Hospital and Cliffview Assisted Living Center!
    • When: Friday, November 22nd - anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
    • Where: Sew It Seamz classroom in the Spur Building
    • What: They will have all the sewing supplies there.  Just come at a time that works for you and help for the time that you can.  They’ll find something for you to do!
    • Who: Anyone that is a junior member (age 8 and above) can use a sewing machine and iron.  Cloverbud members are excused due to 4-H’s age restrictions.  Sorry!

  • Helpful Tools
      • Look in the top right-hand corner for links to special info that you will want to use to help you complete your record books:
        • Community Service (record the ones you personally participate in)
        • Project Leadership (youth leaders for Cloverbud Time)


I had hoped to share a little about our 4-H club at the October meeting, but was unable to do so.  Please read this info below and let me know if you have questions or concerns.
  • History of Homesteaders
    • Our club was first started in 2006 by the Mountain Valley Christian Academy (Director/Teacher Deb Lengel) who joined with local homeschool families.
      • MVCA as a whole eventually bowed out, although students from the school are most welcome to participate
    • We are a general projects club.
  • Vision Statement
    • We formed this club because we share the vision of raising up our children to become lifelong learners, as well as servants in their communities and role models for those younger than themselves.
    • Community Service Projects
      • We are passionate about finding ways to serve our community.  
      • We’re open for new ideas!
    • Leadership Opportunities
      • 4-H is a perfect place for kids to learn how to lead by example.
      • We have begun our new Cloverbud Time to give the junior, intermediate, and senior members opportunity to lead the Cloverbud members.  This is a benefit for both age groups.
      • The kids may vote to reinstate a former activity - to put on a Cloverbud Camp for any children of that age group who would like to attend.
    • Fundraisers
      • Our club raises money to fund our club’s community service and leadership projects, to help kids attend 4-H camps and conferences, and to fund our 4-H senior scholarships.
      • We also work hard to help the 4-H Council raise money, since they use that to help the community and the 4-H members.
      • Everyone is asked to help these endeavors in whatever way they are able.
    • 4-H Projects
      • Parents are the project leaders for their children.
        • However, if you need help finding a special resource leader, contact us!  We will work with the Extension Office to find help for you.
      • One parent from each family signs up as a club in order to be protected legally by CSU/4-H when we go on various field trips, etc.  The Extension Office prefers this, and it has worked well for us.  

This is YOUR club.  What's YOUR vision?  The key ingredient is IMAGINATION.
Stir it up and pour out - share your ideas with your club!

4-H Council Announcements

December 6th: Fundraiser
Help decorate a wreath and auction it off at the Fraser Rec Center - Dec. 6th - Call office if interested.
December 7th: Community Service Projects
4-H Council will have a gift wrapping booth at the Preschool Craft Fair in Kremmling.  Volunteers needed!  
Bring cookies to the Eastin Hotel to donate for the tree lighting ceremony in the park on Dec. 7th

December 13th:  We will be making Sugar Chalets at the Extension Hall!  For grades K-12 and you do not have to be in 4-H to participate!  Cost is $5.  Please RSVP by Dec. 6th.