Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Club News - September 2017 Part 2

Club News
September 2017 ~ Part 2

Change is Happening!
Marcy and I have noticed how our club proceedings have grown in complexity.  This has become cumbersome for all of us.  4-H is supposed to be FUN!  Thus, Marcy and I met this week to discuss ways we can simplify.  

First of all, Marcy and I feel that our annual schedule is packed full.  We are no longer going to look for new things to do unless the club desires to replace a current activity with a new one.

Second, we want to make our meetings shorter.  (YAY, shouted all the kids!)

These are the new business meeting procedures to keep us on track:

  1. Business will be conducted in 30 minutes or less.
  2. All agenda items must be submitted to Shelly or Marcy a week before the club meeting.  This gives us time to research, organize, and prepare the agenda -- rather than trying to do that during a meeting, which takes up a lot of time.
  3. All items on the agenda will be fully prepared for the members to vote upon (thus, the business meeting is about the club making decisions).
  4. The moms will meet after the meetings to hash out the “nitty gritty” (and boring!) details, while the kids enjoy snacks, games, tray favors, and fun.  
  5. Announcements will no longer be read by the president.  We can do that on our own!
  6. Announcements from the 4-H Council Newsletter will no longer be included unless we feel it is something critical.  Please read the newsletter on your own to stay informed.

We believe these are good steps toward making things fun and enjoyable for all.  We’ll continue to make changes as needs arise.  Thank you for your willingness to adapt and change with us.

See you Friday!