Sunday, May 7, 2017

Club News - May 2017

Club News
May 2017

Fruit Fundraiser Money
PLEASE bring all fruit spreadsheets with their corresponding payments that you have completed thus far.  Keep the names of those from whom you still need to collect money on separate spreadsheets at home.  Thank you!  :-)  We have received some complaints regarding how long it took to deposit last year’s checks.  I do apologize and please pass that on to anyone who complains to you.  The financial process for this fundraiser is huge and takes a lot of time.  My goal is to complete these deposits in a more timely fashion than last year.  
  • Please email me if you need me to bring you more fruit spreadsheets to Friday’s meeting.

Club Meeting
  • Friday, May 12th @ 1:30 p.m. @ Hot Sulphur Springs Community Church
    • Business Meeting
    • Demonstrations
      • Kenna, Foster, Sego, Flint, Isaiah, Ethan, Jonathan, and Zechariah
        • Just a reminder: Please keep your demonstrations to 5 minutes or less.  This will help our meetings not go too long since we have so many members giving demonstrations.  Thank you!
        • Please let me know if you need Lacy’s tip sheet or an updated demonstration outline.
    • Spring Tray Favors
      • Community Service Art Project for Kremmling/Granby Senior Citizens