Monday, February 4, 2013

Recap of January's Meeting

We covered a lot of information at our January 25th business meeting.   Here is a recap so that we do not forget those things we need to remember and complete.

***We decided to not attend the Fiber Fun Festival on February 16th.  All of us have been extremely, including Caroline, and we all agreed to try for next year.  We get to have a Saturday at home.  Yay!

Bohall Benefit Dinner:
***We voted to donate a selection of potholders for the silent auction at the Bohall Benefit Dinner and the PRC Banquet.

***The club made a $50 donation to the Wordens to help pay for spaghetti sauce at the benefit dinner.

***We voted to work as servers, greeters, and general workers (setting up and cleaning up) at the benefit.

***We made a plan for donation jars.  Wordens donated jars.  Mathis' designed the label and provided the decorative rope.  Tish & Foster sewed the cloth tops.  We agreed to put them together on Sunday night at the benefit.  Marcy and Shelly divided them up to deliver to Kremmling Mercantile, Big Shooters, Northwest, TriRiver, Subway, Kum & Go, the Dollar Store, and Last Time 'Round.  (Deliveries were complete by Tuesday, January 29th.)

***The trip to the CO Symphony is Wednesday, February 6th.  Shelly emailed info the week after the meeting.  (Let me know if you have any questions.)  Everyone has paid!

***District Retreat reimbursement checks were written for Liberty, Julie, and Ben.  We will write one to Shyla when she gets back (if she makes it to District Retreat... we hope so!).  :)

***We voted to renew our fair book ad and came up with wording to thank the Extension Office people and welcome Caitlyn.  Molly volunteered to design a new ad.  She will email that to everyone for input before the February meeting.  It is due by April 1st.

***Tray Favor Assignments:
January - Molly (the kids completed those and delivered them at our January meeting)
February - Bohalls (via Marcy)
March - Tish & Foster
April - Monnahans
May - Mathis

***February's Meeting was schedule for Friday, February 22nd at 12:30 p.m.  JoAnna is going to see if we can meet at KCC.

District Retreat is March 1-3.  Registration was due last Friday!
Next Council meeting is tonight - Feb. 4th at 7 p.m. in HSS.  Contact the office if you need a ride.