Monday, July 16, 2018

Recap of July 2018 Meeting

Meeting Date: July 13, 2018
Old Business
Club T-shirts
T-Shirts have arrived!  Please contact Marcy if you did not receive yours at the meeting.

New Business

Thank-you Card to Grand Gazette
The club signed a thank-you card for the Gazette’s free advertising for our fundraiser.

Peach Delivery Mom Meeting
Moms need to meet to organize the peach deliveries before they arrive in August.  Delivery date TBA.

Moms, please contact Shelly with your availability between July 18th and August 3rd.

Shelly & Susan are both available on the following dates:
Wednesday, July 18th -- Shelly is available.  Susan -- are you?
Tuesday, July 31st - 8:30 am
Wednesday, July 25th at 1 pm
Friday, July 27th - afternoon or evening
Wednesday, August 1st - after 3 pm
Friday, August 3 - 1-2 pm (possibly in the morning, if Susan can switch Cliffview)

Next Year’s Chartering Paperwork
The club approved the following budget for 2018-2019:
---Scholarship Fund - 35%
---Community Service Fund - 42%
---Club Activities Fund - 20%
---Miscellaneous Fund - 3%

The Plan of Action that was used in 2017-2018 was approved as an outline for 2018-2019.

Volunteers for September’s Meeting
Prayer - Kenna
Devotion - Audrey
Refreshments - French family
Game - Rhae

Ben, Cherish, Chisum, Rhae, Taylah, and Shiloh gave their demonstrations.

4-H Projects
Members - be sure to register for Exhibit Day and Fair before July 20th.
Call Caroline for help.  It’s a bit complicated, and she will walk you through the process.
The newly updated instructions give links to project documentation - Record Book Help

Please read the club announcements, as well as the 4-H Council newsletter on your own.

Homesteaders Club Announcements

Next Club Meeting - Friday, September 14th @ 1:30 p.m. @ Kremmling Community Church

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements
Next Council Meeting - Wednesday, July 25th @ 9 am @ the Middle Park Fairgrounds
(with cleanup as community service)

Registration for Fair & Exhibit Day
Online registration is DUE before July 20th.  Click Submit.  Call Caroline for help!

Read the County 4-H Newsletter that comes to your email and keep up to date on 4-H events!