Monday, January 15, 2018

Recap of January 2018 Meeting

Meeting Date: January 12, 2018

4-H Council Meeting Report
Ben reported that the council reviewed the 2018 budget and made some necessary changes.  Also, Achievement Night is being moved back to October rather than November.

Old Business
Community Service
Our $75 Christmas gift donation to the Hot Sulphur Springs/Parshall Fire Department was returned to us because they did not conduct the toy drive this year.

Tubing Party
We are still postponing this event due to the lack of snow.  The moms discussed options, and then Tish came up with a secondary option.  Shelly will email the club and ask for a vote of preference between the two dates.

New Business 
The club voted to reimburse Brady Mathis $15 that he paid for our club’s annual domain name registration fee.

Shelly will submit an invoice for one printer toner cartridge for the club to reimburse.  This will be her one reimbursement for the year.

Trip Assistance
4-H members who are 10 and above as of Dec. 31, 2017, may attend District Retreat in March.

Let the leaders know if you are attending District Retreat!  Please email Marcy or Shelly to inquire about the trip assistance amount you earned during last year’s sales.  Once Audrey knows who is going, she will write a single check to the office to cover our club’s trip assistance amount for all club attendees.

Leadership Activity
We are going to provide leadership opportunities for club members at our business meetings.  Each month, a volunteer will select, prepare, and lead the club in a game activity.  Shelly will email a 4-H game document from which a game can be chosen.  (If you have an idea of your own for a team-building game, let her know and you can give it a try when it’s your turn.)

Members who participate can write this down in your record books as a Junior Leader or Leadership Activity.

February’s Volunteers
Prayer - Kenna
Devotion - Sego
Refreshments - Kenna
Game - Taylah

Please read the club announcements, as well as the 4-H Council newsletter.

Ben led a game after the meeting, and then the club made penguin tray favors for Kremmling and Granby senior citizens as a community service activity.

Homesteaders Club Announcements
Next Club Meeting - Friday, February 9th @ 1:30 p.m. @ Kremmling Community Church

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements
Mandatory 4-H 101 Sessions for New 4-H Families (You need to attend only one session.)
Tuesday, January 30th @ 6-7pm at the Extension Office in Kremmling
Wednesday, February 28th @ 6-7pm at the Granby Community Building
Wednesday, March 28th @ 6-7pm at the Extension Office in Kremmling

Cloverbud Nights with Lacy!
The last Thursday of each month (Jan.-July) from 6-7 p.m. at the Exhibit Hall

District Retreat - March 9th-11th
Contact the office to complete a council trip assistance request form.

Read the County 4-H Newsletter that comes to your email and keep up to date on 4-H events!