Saturday, December 9, 2017

Club News - December 2017 Part II

Club News
December 2017 Part II

Claim Your Stock Show Tickets by December 15th!
4-H Day at the Stock Show - Friday, January 12th.

Has anyone decided whether they are going to the Stock Show? Please contact Shelly immediately if you are buying Stock Show tickets. If enough club members are attending, then we will consider changing our January meeting date.

Ticket Cost = $15-17 total. For those who go, the club voted to pay for half of the ticket cost for members and moms.

Contact Travis & Lacy to reserve your tickets by December 15th.

Our Tubing Party is Postponed until January
Due to our lack of snowfall, we have decided to postpone our tubing party until January.

Once Fraser receives some significant snowfall, we will make a new plan. Stay tuned!

If no one from our club attends Stock Show, we will consider tubing on Jan. 12th and have the business meeting at Tish's house afterward.

Please email Shelly with any scheduling conflicts, and we will do what we can to take them into consideration.