Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Recap of October 2015 Meeting

by Shelly Mathis

Meeting Date: October 9, 2015

Old Business

  • Thank-You Letters to Editors - Thank you, Audrey, for the great letters in the papers & 4-H newsletter!
  • Trip to Orchard / Apples

    • UPDATE:
      • Tish spoke with Phil on Monday.  He is just now picking Fujis, but the Pink Ladies won’t be ready for 2-3 weeks.  Stay tuned!!!  If you want to let your buyers know this, you can!
      • Are there any last-minute orders for apples?  We need to finalize our count!  
      • Current Count: Originally, I sent Phil the following numbers: 40 Pink Ladies and 31 Fuji’s.  Does this match your records, Marcy?
      • Marcy: Are the apple spreadsheets ready?  Thanks for doing those; they’ve helped our deliveries be efficient!

  • Final Payments for Fruit
    • Tish - Turned in the payment for her last four boxes of peaches sold.  She will bring the payment from Phil’s relative to Achievement Night or the next meeting.
    • Tonya, have you been able to collect your final apple payment?

New Business

  • To last year’s officers, thank you for serving.  Congratulations, new club officers!
    • President - Liberty
    • Vice President - Jill
    • Secretary - Audrey
    • Treasurer - Ben
    • Pledge Leader - Foster (Substitute Pledge Leader?)
    • Reporter - ?
    • Photographers - Shiloh & Taylah
      • Shiloh, would you like to be club reporter again?  You did a great job last year!
      • Taylah, would you like to be our substitute Pledge Leader?

  • Community Service Projects
    • The club voted to supply refreshments for the tree lighting ceremonies in Granby, Hot Sulphur Springs, and Kremmling this year.

      • Granby: Thursday, November 19th
        • Each family will supply two dozen cookies.
        • Shelly will inquire about purchasing 50-100 cookies from Starla’s Kitchen (we bought 100 last year and had leftovers).  She and the kids will almost make two batches of hot cocoa mix.
        • Tish will get permission for electricity and bring a table, tablecloth, coffee pot and water for hot drinks
        • Marcy will bring supplies: cups, napkins, and spoons.
        • Tonya and Susan - You weren’t there to volunteer to bring anything.  We talked about also providing Russian Tea (in addition to hot cocoa).  Do either of you want to bring that mix?  Let me know; Tish will do it if you don’t.

        • Susan said she would make Russian Tea.

      • Hot Sulphur Springs: Saturday, December 5th
        • Tish will contact HSS for more details.  We will plan by email or at the next meeting.
          • Meat & Cheese Tray
          • Crackers
          • Homemade cookies OR more from Starla?

      • Kremmling: Saturday, December 5th
        • Shelly will contact Monika Cary for more details.  We will plan by email or at the next meeting.

    • Other Ideas (to think about and discuss as we go…!)
      • Knitting Baby Hats
      • Tree Lighting Ceremonies - cookies, etc.  (Granby, HSS, Kremmling)
      • Letters to Soldiers
      • Hero Packs (for children of military)
      • Project with Senior Citizens (or for Cliffvew)
      • Park Clean Up/Equipment/Tree Purchase
      • Cloverbud Night with Caitlyn
      • Yardwork
      • Sewing adult shirt savers with Sew It Seamz
      • Other ideas?

  • 4-H Achievement Night & Banquet: Saturday., October 17th @ 5:30 p.m. - Homesteaders bring desserts!

Homesteaders Club Announcements

  • NEXT Club Meeting - Friday, November 13th @ KCC from 1-3 p.m.

  • Apple Delivery & Orchard Visit - Stay tuned!

Middle Park 4-H Council Announcements

  • Due ASAP: Please email pictures of club members to Caroline for 4-H slide show (working with projects, trips, activities, fair, exhibit day, etc.).

  • 4-H Achievement Banquet - Saturday, October 17 @ 5:30 p.m. @ Extension Hall

  • 4-H Council Meeting - Monday, November 2nd @ 7 p.m. in Hot Sulphur Springs

  • Read the Newsletter - to find out about county activities, 4-H trips and projects, deadlines, and more!