Friday, November 14, 2014

Minutes for November 2014 Meeting

By Audrey Wheatley, Secretary

The monthly meeting of the Homesteaders 4-H club was held Friday, November 14, 2014.

President Liberty Mathis called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m. Bailey Monnahan led the prayer. Liberty read a devotion from Philippians 4:6-7. Foster Krempin led the pledges. Audrey Wheatley took the roll call; members were to respond with their 4-H project(s). There were 10 members present, 1 guest, and 5 parents. Audrey read the minutes. Abbie Zick moved to accept the minutes. Foster seconded it; the motion passed. Ben Mathis read the Treasurer’s Report. We have $1,100 in our scholarship fund and $3,056.26 as our remaining balance. Bailey moved that we accept the treasurer’s report. Abbie seconded it; the motion passed.

Old Business:

Jill Wilkinson moved to do community service at the tree lightings in Granby and Hot Sulphur Springs. Bailey seconded it; the motion passed. The club will buy 100 cookies from Starla Rindt for $50 to take to Granby. The Mathis family will bring homemade hot chocolate and cookies. Tish Linke will provide coffee maker and hot water. Marcy Monnahan will buy cups and spoons.Those 3 families and anyone else who is available will serve cookies and hot chocolate in Granby on November 20th; setup will be at 4:30 p.m. by the Granby Dental.

For the Kremmling Christmas Tree Lighting, Abbie moved to buy another hundred cookies from Starla. Kenna Wall  seconded it; the motion passed. Abbie will bake 4 dozen cookies, Kenna will bake 2 dozen, and Audrey will bake 2 dozen also. Cookies need to be delivered to the Kremmling Chamber between 3 and 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 6th.

  For Hot Sulphur Springs, Marcy will get prices for meat and cheese and/or cheese and cracker trays for 30-40 people. Foster and Jill will bake 2 dozen cookies each. Jill will deliver cookies and trays to Hot Sulphur Springs on Saturday, December 13th.

Marcy relayed information from Tonya French regarding foster kids and other needy families in the county. Discussion was held to figure out what we can do for those families. Jill moved to buy four $50 gift certificates from Middle Park Meat for the 4 families. Abbie seconded it; the motion passed.

   Shelly Cecil at Silver Spruce Apartments said that there are residents who could use help with light cleaning or other projects. The club will check on those opportunities after the holidays.

    Teresa Vague at the hospital buys toiletries for the residents out of her own pocket. Abbie moved to buy a $25 gift card from Family Dollar for Teresa. Jill seconded it; the motion passed.

   We ordered 31 t-shirts total; they will be ready that week.

New business:  

  The Mathis family attended the Kremmling 4-H open house on November 6 and gave a report. 

Abbie moved that we remove JoAnna Aprill from the signature card at the bank. Ben seconded it; the motion passed.

   4-H day at the stock show is Friday, January 16th. Jill moved for the club to pay for half of the admission price. Foster seconded it; the motion passed. Please notify Shelly Mathis in the next couple weeks if you will be going.

   The December club meeting has been canceled. Jill made the motion. Molly Scruggs seconded it; the motion passed. The next meeting will be January 9, 2015, at 1 p.m. at Kremmling Community Church. Molly will do the prayer, Abbie will say the devotion, and Kenna will bring refreshments.

  Ben moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:51 p.m. Abbie seconded it; the motion passed.

The Christmas Bear tray favors were put together after the meeting and delivered.